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DIY Spectacle of 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

  Fortunately, that post I was eager to share with the world didn't wind up being the disaster I expected. One fine day, about three weeks ago, I walked into my room with intentions to swim and choose the healthy route in dealing with a break up. But upon entering the room, I plopped down on the bed "just for a minute," and somewhere in my pep talk to just get my suit on and go, I decided I was gonna paint my room... Normal right? So, off to the garage I went to see if we happened to have any leftover paint. Conveniently/inconveniently, there was an unopened can of paint.
  Basically, in short version, I started taking everything off the walls which took big chunks of paint off with it. I was super inexperienced, didn't think to do the usual YouTube research for some reason (when it's actually needed), wasn't aware of the whole primer deal, and wound up peeling off the paint from the walls. A couple hours later, you'd find three white walls with several stubbirn blue patches of paint, a floor covered in paint chippings and dust, and one worried girl. I had no idea if it was even possible to paint the walls in this condition, what kinda surface I was dealing with, etc. I had next to no money for any emergency fixes or professional painters, or even primer, and I just did not want to have to explain this to the parents until I was either done or at least knew I didn't ruin it. 

Carpe diem?
In the words of Amy, 
"that time you decided to surprise your parents and destroyed the house." 

  Super gratefully, three trips to Lowes, one failed paint removal spray, several consultings with friends, and several weeks later, I finally got it finished! I didn't have to reapply drywall to the entire room as one Lowes guy advised, I didn't ruin the walls as I was dreading, I didn't have to accept defeat and hire someone to come fix my failure, and it ended up quite nice. Not to mention I feel pretty accomplished using multiple tools to take down shelves, tv stands, and light switches, and sanded, spackled, primed, and painted it all!
  One night, I got all sarcastically deep about this whole process, but it's actually all kinda true. During this whole thing, I was so anxious to get it done, was worried my parents would be upset, lecture me about being illogical and impractical in a time when I have no money, and just be a disappointment. Maybe abit dramatic but it turned into a big deal. But, (here's where it gets deep) it was also a reminder for me to be patient and realize some things take time and don't have to be finished right away. I've always been pretty impatient when it comes to getting projects like this done; I'm pretty sure I had my apartments moved in and decorated within like a week. So this really challenged me. But I calmed myself down, realized and reminded myself I would get it done, and not to rush it just to finished. I wanted it to be nice and that would take time. 
  Oh, I forgot to mention this was all supposed to be a surprise for my parents, so this whole time, I was keeping my door closed, hoping they wouldn't go in for whatever reason, and even snuck a friend over to assess the damage while they were at work. I'm just glad it's done. 
The finished product! 

  So that's my renovation adventure of 2013. Let's hear about any DIY or renovation disasters/masterpieces my readers have to share! 



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