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Weddings, Water, and Wee Ones

Friday, September 13, 2013

I realized I've left out a lot of good stories in the last month that have made unemployment not so bad! ;)
  We'll start with my cousin's wedding. Her and her hubby celebrated their marriage at their perfectly decorated lake house. It was such a fun wedding with the (fully clothed) wedding party jumping in the lake, delicious food, one of the best wedding cakes I've had, and an awesome atmosphere of friendly people.
The wedding party in the lake on the bottom left because... "Well, why not?!"
We took a quick pitstop on the way to the wedding to see Falling Water State Park. One of (or the only) waterfall in Florida. Definitely worth it.

More great memories at The River with Mark, Denise, and some extra family members one afternoon. Dad and I had a nice, quick kayak around, we all chilled by the river, got an unexpected spray by an air boat, and had a delicious meal at Swampy's. (Where else?!)
Photo credit: Cindy!

My first scalloping adventure! Bri and her fiancĂ© took me out on their boat to Ozello for a great experience. It was a gorgeous day and the rain even spared us! Scalloping was way easier than I thought; I was expecting to search through seaweed for tiny shells with tiny blue eyes... But they were big clam-looking shells, with a whole row of eyes, with a lot of them just hangin in the open! A relief to me, as I was worried I'd be embarrassed and fail at this scalloping business. For other future scallopers that would feel stupid to ask if they bite... they may! I got a surprise when one clamped my finger then proceeded to come up at my face! Didn't stop me though. I still caught that brave sucker. 
 We caught almost two buckets full and got to clean 'em and everything! I felt like such a fisherman. 
The boat dock was even super cool, with an old shop, coke machines, and chickens running around. Pretty low key. Find me on Vine to see my videos from scalloping! 
That weekend, I covered three different bodies of water... Kayaking in the Withlacoochee River, scalloping in the bay, and spending Labor Day at Lake Weir. That's how to spend a weekend!

I enjoyed playing tennis and catching up with my high school friend, Kelly, another nice lunch date with Papa and Mimi today, and babysitting these super cute twins...

Had an eventful week in Jacksonville, involving job searching (an update on that will come in due time!), a typical night out with Leslie, Lindsay, and friends (further supporting that a night out in Jax isn't complete without Lynch's, a beach escape, and barefeet... And this time a doll), and some great beach, pool, movie, and wine time. We also babysat two of the rowdiest rascals I've ever encountered in all my babysitting days. 
Les and Blaze, in his not so rowdy state. 

Lastly, adopted this little beauty that only somewhat sarcastically symbolizes "new places, people, and growth together..." and giving fellow Lowe's shoppers a story to tell the fam about the (super cute) lesbian couple" they saw at the store. 
Anyone have any good name ideas for my awesome traveling cactus? 
Shoot em at me, friends!
Is that even a phrase?

Oh, by the way,
Enjoy your weekend, will ya? ;)



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