Today's Accomplishments

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

  I realized I don't actually have many posts about what I do as an au pair on the reg... Since today was pretty busy and I feel accomplished, here's what I did:
Woke up at 6:45 for the usual morning routine. (Feed kids, brush teeth, get ready for school, clean up, air out rooms and duvets, make beds, tidy up) 
Did a 5 hour cleaning job 
Went for a 6.5mile run (A beautiful one too. Love trails). 
Squeezed in an episode of Grey's. 
Picked up the kiddos. (An hour of walking required)
Quick grocery run. 
Made dinna. 
Cleaned up dinna. 
Made lunches. 
Finished more laundry. (4 loads today)
Vacuumed (again). 
Looked up more cute puppy and cat pictures. 

Despite it's many downfalls (5+hour cleaning jobs and more) this job has given me confidence and empowerment in conquering family life like a champ... Preparing all meals including full on awesome dinners, library, errands and grocery runs, picking up kids, cleaning like a motha f]%{*_' (won't be putting this into action in my normal life)... All in one day sometimes! 

Making this Thanksgiving dinner all by myself (sans turkey) was a big upper too. 




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