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Today's Gratitude

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

 As the last couple of days have been quite likely some of my least favorite days, it has (as well as my good friend, Leslie) pushed me to look at things I'm grateful for. 
So, today, my much need gratitude mentions are... 
Getting to see these beautiful faces in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! That's right... Best friends, Amy and Amy are comin to town (or across the ocean) to see me. So excited. If only Amanda could come too to have AAAA takeover Denmark. Another time when we're all rich and can travel the world together. :)
Ps we have like NO pictures of us three together... That'll change soon enough!
 Hearing the SUPER exciting news that Chris and Liesl might be joining me, mom and pops in Germany! As if seeing the padres and exploring Europe with them wasn't exciting enough...

My rainboots. These suckers make 4 mile walks in the rain to get the kiddos exponentially better. 
Good times last weekend with Megan and Molly at the movies, and Maria joining Sune and I for music in the park and a ramble to the water. 
Oh, and Denmark winning Eurovision 2013! Woo! Or should Denmark be grateful for Maria and I moving here and making that possible? 
But here's the link for a better show... Sorry Emmelie... 
Loving words from my mama and papa today. And Amanda. I'm so blessed with so many great people in my life. 
Being safe and sound and healthy. So many tragedies going on that remind me to just be thankful for that. 



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