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Thanks, Kristi Hemmelfart

Sunday, May 12, 2013

   Long weekends are the greatest. And it seems like I've had several lately so I'm pretty happy... This weekend was Wednesday-Sunday off thanks to some Kristi Hemmelfart for giving us a holiday.  On Wednesday, I just had a relaxing day full of reading Born to Run and getting inspired by these superhuman Tarahumara people and Jenn Shelton, who I basically wish I was. But READ THAT BOOK! It's awesome, fascinating, challenging and inspiring.
  My Thursday actually started at 6:30am, on a holiday, with no alarm! But I used it and went for a super nice run, putting that inspiration from the Tarahumara into action and running TWO whole miles more than my recent runs (previous statement to be read with sarcasm, as these folks run 435 in two days.) But ya gotta start somewhere, right? At the very end of my run, the rain started that would soon ruin my plans of biking to the city, completely soak me on the way to the station, and cause for a ridiculous spectacle with me biking in a maxi dress (that I was too set on wearing despite realizing the illogicality of it) with a jacket that I quickly found was not waterproof. But it was a situation that didn't even have to wait til later to laugh at it. And by the time I got to the city, the rain had stopped, the sun started coming out, and I was meeting up with Sune. 
So things were looking up. 
  With the nice weather a brewing, we headed toward the zoo for some nature. We stopped at this really pretty park with so much green, flowers, and hills to enjoy the emerging sun. And a guy talking to the birds. After a nice time just laying in the grass, Sune had to head out for some music business so I met Molly in the city where Megan would soon join for dinner. We went back to Molly's for a bit for Ryan Gosling conversations, Avril Lavigne listening, and finding out unexpected book preferences and life wishes of Molly.
  When the time came, we were off to the Downtown Hostel for Sune and Morten's gig. It was a great time meeting three more of Sune's friends, two of which joined us in the crowd and the other accompanied Sune and Morten with the piano. After an entertaining show, we went in search of our next destination, which was a little hard to find being a holiday I guess. This somehow resulted in us at Billy Booze, dancing with lots of 19 and 20 year olds, and meeting a couple with plans of getting very regrettable tattoos in very regrettable places. It was a fun night, dancing and goofing around but don't think we'll be back there. 
  Friday started as a normal Friday with plans to pack some food for a picnic in Dyrhavn. I had joked about going to Sweden at one point to cross an international trip off our list. As I was making our lunches for the park, Sune came in with prices for train tickets and the festival going on in Malm√∂. It was super cheap and Sune's roomie, Jonatan, was playing in it, so we decided to make it happen. So tickets to √Ėresundfestival were purchased, and we headed to get the train tickets to find a threatening glitch in the plan, when the place for the cheap tickets was closedBut, we didn't want to throw out the plans now so we decided to go anyway, and I'm so glad we did. (Of course... Who would regret going to a cool festival, in another country, with their favorite dude/dudette for a little extra moolah? Not I). 
  So we got to Sweden around 4, with a little less climax than expected, just getting off a train to a city quite similar to CPH (but I attempted to up the excitement nonetheless). We walked around the city to find the festival and arrived at the park to enjoy some more time in the sun, expressing our love for bubbles, laughing at a little girl dancing, and seeing some really good 50s dancers before seeing some really cool bands. It was a nice area too with the restaurants and bars kind of surrounding a little park. Pretty cozy. 
  We saw Eclectic Moniker, Fallulah, Kashmir (the only one I didn't like), Babian, Tummel (Jonatan's band), and Helt Off, which had Mika, one of the awesome Swedish guys from this weekend. Fallulah was awesome and a great performer with lots of energy, Jonatan's band was such a surprise, and Mika's band had an awesome reggae style. With my view of Jonatan being a pretty chill, quiet guy, and Mika being a pretty wild one with a (perfect) handle bar mustache and dating a girl in the circus, I had expected Tummel to be the chill band, and Helt Off to be the wild one... It was the exact opposite; Tummel came out with crazy feather masks and one wild mask on the lead singer, and music I can't even explain. The closest thing would be to say balkan gypsy music but I'd never heard anything like it. Or seen a show like that. It was so entertaining and so different. They had quite an entertaining fan dancing in the front too.
  Ah, and before Tummel played, we surprised Jonatan and Catharina (his girlfriend) when they spotted us outside the place. We didn't tell them we were coming so it was a cool surprise to show up in Sweden to see him play. To end the night, Helt Off left us in a super good mood with their excellent reggae sound. 
Then back to Denmark we went. 
  On Saturday, it was a slow start to the morning, watching Where the Red Fern Grows, going for a run with a strange route, getting a little lost through slightly ghetto areas, and later meeting up with Megan, Maria and Thomas for some King's Garden chillin. We continued the night entertaining our inner child with board games at Studenterhuset, then Megan and I ventured out in search of a festival in Vesterbro. We finally made it to the place and heard some really good bands, with one strange girl, Swoosh, singing about joining a spin class just "to watch your sexy ass." Ha 
Two festivals, two days, two countries! Woo!
  Today's consisted of finishing Gangster Squad (awesome) watching Modern Family (always awesome) becoming an official fan of New Girl (newly awesome), rekindling my relationship with The Office (vintage awesome), and reading up on our horoscopes... Very important. We had some crazy burgers with fried eggs, mussels, curry, and garlic (two diff burgers) at a restaurant made to look like a train car. Pretty cool. Now we've taken the lazy option and are watching the livestream of the Listening Room that we usually go to live on Sundays for music. Two performers from this night became my new favorite singers... Dawn and Hawkes. Check. Them. Out. Seriously.
So thanks, Ms. Hemmelfart for this long weekend. 
It was not waisted. 

Here one of my favorites from Helt Off here!
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And see Tummel here! Sans crazy masks :(
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Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all the supermoms! 



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