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Mom's Danish Adventure

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 Mom came to Denmark!!
  This Christmas, Mom came to visit for her first European adventure! 'twas quite a quick trip with her coming from December 15-19, but we squeezed in a lot in this time. And here's how it went! ...
Day 1
  At Mom's arrival early Saturday morning, Claus and I picked her up at the airport, stopping at the bakery to pick up the necessary Danish treats for her to try. These special breakfasts are always the best. Bread, honey, coffee... Yum. So we had a nice breakfast with the family before starting off on our site seeing. 
  First we went to see the Little Mermaid, got a little "lost" but that just allowed for more site seeing. Luckily, the snow at least stayed for the first day before melting away and being a bit gross for the rest of her trip. From the little mermaid, we walked to Nyhavn... A much longer walk than I remembered, and showed mom the infamous Copenhagen postcard scene. It was decorated really pretty for Christmas too and had some Carolers around. We grabbed a Fransk hotdog for a quick bite before heading to meet Maria at Christiania to check out the Christmas market. On the way in, we stopped in to check out Church of Our Savior, to find that they were having lessons and carols in a couple hours. So we went to Christiania for a little bit but the big market had a crazy big line that we didn't want to wait in. So we went on to the church for a beautiful service of Danish Christmas songs. We tried to sing along the best we could! This was probably my favorite part of the trip. I'd been missing the lessons and carols at Christ the King so this satisfied that a little! 
  After this lovely service, we went back to Nyhavn and had a super good meal at somewhere we can't remember the name of. Haha
My beautiful mama at Christiania,  the bus stop, some pretty church, and  some canal that's not Nyhavn.
Here's at Nyhavn... 

Day 2
  The next day, we went to a traditional church service at the family's church, where Christopher sang in a little thing honoring Saint Lucia. The kids in his class all came in with the girl in front wearing a candle head piece, and sang songs for this saint. After the service, we had æbleskivers, glögg, similar to the Swiss gluwein or mulled wine, and coffee, sang around the Christmas tree, and Santa came! Was pretty cool seeing these traditions. 
  After church, we went in to the city for some shopping and checking out the Royal Copenhagen shop. I also took her to Charlie Scott's! Charlie made us some delicious Irish coffee and we talked a lot. Well Charlie talked a lot! She, of course, did her motherly duties of telling my bartenders to look after me and keep her updated. 
Outside Virum Kirke! (Virum Church)
At Charlie's 
We had a lot of coffee, cakes, muffins, and flødeboller while she was here! Therefore, lots of cafe pictures! Haha
Day 3
  On Monday, we went to Tivoli to see their much talked about Christmas decorations. It was not a disappointment. We just walked around here, enjoyed the lights, shopped a little, and had a super ridiculously good, fattening waffle/ice cream delight... Chocolate covered waffle with coconut and ice cream on top. Insane. Then continued the eating theme and took her to my favorite Thai place. A Thai place in Ocala had become a mother-daughter tradition so I thought I'd continue in Copenhagen! 

  On one of the days, I gave her an introductory course to the bike culture and we cycled to Virum station. We had a really good laugh at a near fall that I almost got on camera! This was right before the crash!
Day 4
  On our last full day, we dubbed it our "royal day," with plans to tour the Rosenborg Slot and have afternoon tea at a very popular place in the city. Although the tea didn't work out since it's popularity prevented us from getting seats, the castle was a huge success. We really enjoyed everything in here, especially the queen's jewels. Instead of tea, we took a different route and had another Fransk hotdog instead. We did have some coffee and treats at Emmery's though, another great bakery, and got to see my favorite street performers, Concrete Orchestra! Love those guys. 
  We also tried to find the Royal Library but didn't have much luck there. So we just headed home and worked on Christmas presents, FaceTimed with friends and family, and cuddled in our Christmas pjs! :)
  On the last day, Mom was flying out at 12pm so we didn't have time to do much that day. I just took her to the airport and had some (MORE!) coffee before she had to catch her flight. It was soo nice having Mom come for Christmas. It had been the longest we'd gone without seeing each other so it was awesome she got to come, have her first European adventure, and spend Christmas with me. I told her it wouldn't have felt much like Christmas without some family time. We had lots of laughs, traditions, walking, firsts, food, and coffee! 
I had such a great time with my mama. 
Can't wait for the next visit with Mom and Dad (and whoever else comes along!) 
Vi ses, Mor!



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