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Something about December

Monday, December 10, 2012

   There really is  something about December that takes you back to so many memories that bring you joy and comfort. During this time, I keep being reminded of so many that I wanted to write down for whoever wants to read, but mainly for me to have forever. (Just in case I have some terrible memory loss, memories just fade, etc.) So here they are in superlative form!  
Most Musical
  Listening to the Amy Grant Christmas cd brought me back to so many great memories. I always loved decorating the tree with this cd playing, listening to dad play Christmas songs on the piano (especially while I was falling asleep in my bed), and playing songs together on the guitar. 
Best Mother-Daughter Tradition
  Another tradition I always looked forward to was Mom, Trudy, Amy and I going to the Nutcracker every year... Getting dressed up in our little Christmas dresses, watching this awesome ballet (I think it rivals the royal production), and going to see my friends backstage afterwards. It was always a treat going with them.
  One of the funniest Christmas memories was the year Mom and Dad pulled a little Christmas prank pretending like Dolly (the best dog ever for those that don't know) saved our Christmas from the Grinch's attempts to steal it (while I was in high school mind you). Was a funny, creative gig they pulled that year. I guess they were feeling the need to shake things up a bit. 
 Best Parties
  Ah, then there were the Christmas parties my parents hosted several years. These parties were amazing! I was in elementary school I think when they did them but they'd decorate the house wonderfully, have tons of delicious food, and so many great guests. It was a pretty impressive ordeal. (Mom, Dad, maybe you should try that again! Could be fun, eh?) 
 Most Beautiful
  This goes to our Christmas in Vail. With the prettiest Christmas village, snow, skiing, fireplaces, and family, this Christmas takes the cake. Was so beautiful. Still think about the pictures I'm missing from my camera I left on the plane. :(
 Most Treasured
  Last Christmas we got to spend it with Grandma Jeanne. For as long as I can remember, we've had the tradition of having our Christmas morning at home, going to Papa and Mimi's for lunch, then to the O'Connells for dinner. This year though, we went to Alabama and am so glad we did. We got to spend it with Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Bill for the first time, and Stump, Linda, and the kids all came. Was such a good time, and even more memorable that it was our last Christmas with grandma. So grateful we got to make those memories. 

  Other random memory snippets are always having delicious Christmas egg casserole in the morning, driving around to look at Christmas lights, going to Lessons and Carols at church, Amy's Christmas parties, bonfires with the friends, baking lots of cookies, Christmas Eve punch, seeing Scrooge at Amy's church, and so much more. 



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