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Dancing, Royal Ballets, Snow and Cookies

Monday, December 10, 2012

That beautiful time of the year, with lights, decorations, candles, presents and that awesome Christmas spirit is here! I'm experiencing it in a different way than ever before... It's a dream-like Christmas in Copenhagen with lights all around the city, store windows filled with beautifully decorated displays and of course the snow-covered land. It's beyond beautiful. 
  This snow has just been unreal to me. When it first fell, I kept being surprised when in the corner of my eye I'd catch white stuff covering the ground outside. Cycling around, I felt like I was riding through one of Dad's Christmas villages he always sets up so nicely. Then while cleaning the other day, I kept having to stop and just watch it fall. Listening to Christmas music with this incredible snow falling outside made cleaning so much better. I just love it. Except when the snowflakes attack my eyes while cycling. That can suck.
             The first day it stayed on the ground, we all went outside and sledded around and had some snowball fights. Christopher and my snowball fight was an interesting one that just wound up being me standing completely still while he stood three feet away to throw the snowball at me. He was not happy if I ran or dodged. So, I surrendered and I let him have the snowball fight he wanted. 
  Oh, super fun new memory for the books... The other day while babysitting the little ones, I turned on the Christmas music (despite Christopher's extreme objection at first, preferring the tv) but I pressed on and he eventually caved to join the fun. Clara Louise and I just danced and danced, all around the room. She never wanted me to put her down so I just held her to dance. We waltzed and bounced and spun and swayed to the Christmas music turned hip hop on the radio. It was an interesting transition. 
  Yesterday, Maria and I went to the city in hopes to get some Christmas shopping done before seeing Tornerose (Sleeping Beauty) at the Royal Theater. We didn't exactly get what we came for but we at least came up with our ideas, got coffee and (THREE!) cakes, and I got the sparkly something I wanted for New Years! :) Come five o'clock, we were ready for the ballet to start. It was at the Gamle Scene (the old theater) and was beautiful inside. The costumes and sets were amazing too. Unfortunately though, we were a bit underwhelmed by the ballet performance. I think we were just expecting more from a royal ballet. But, that's certainly not to say it was bad. It was definitely still a good ballet and a great experience. Surely I'll be back to see another ballet there while I'm here. 
  Today we spent the day with Lotte's family having √¶bleskivers, a very popular Danish Christmas tradition that's little balls similar to pancakes that you dip in powdered sugar and jam. Following this tasty treat, everyone assisted in the cookie making... Which was quite the process involving a crazy attachment to the mixer (similar to the ones you'd squeeze playdough through if anyone remembers those!), where it made the dough come out in long, starlike rows that we cut and shaped like wreaths. They taste and look just like those in the tins with all those shortbread cookies. Then we made some really good coconut cookies as well. 
  It's been so nice getting to experience Christmas in a different country and learn the traditions they know and love. 
Til next time, folks!
But not before checking out these awesome pictures :) 
First snow
Woke up to this view :)
Det Kongelige Teater






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