"Getting old"

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lately, I've been amused at instances that make me feel "old" or "grown up." These are just some of those laughable moments. 

Returning my Halloween costume (or clothes, or rug) so I could eat... And then going back to get the rug later with the discount they gave me for my "next purchase." Smart shopping.

Having this Christmas List... Throw in a tulip and some love birds with these boring house goods and I'm happy.
Particularly this teal beauty... And whoever her love bird is. 
Sending out my very own, I'm single, with no baby, and proud Christmas cards.
Leaving a present for our sweet mailman.

Not even getting out of the car for a party with a yard full of frat boys and chicks in slutty Santa costumes. No. Thanks.

Actually finishing off all my food in the house before going grocery shopping.

When 22 year old boys seem too young...

There are (obvi) some adult things I still struggle with...
Understanding everything that comes with car insurance and any of this other stuff I'd rather not be paying for.

Getting myself to go in and finally get the oil change I need.

Budgeting. This is definitely a work in progress. I will get it. It's 1/24 goals I'm working on for this year. (a post possibly coming soon). Even with my smart grocery shopping, return tricks, and other poor tricks, I still manage to get to the bottom of the barrel by my next check. Maybe it's these necessities like Hendrix and Lola, and even the rug I got a "deal" on. I think I'm right on the verge of getting it though. I just feel it. Next up... a savings account! 



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