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America, Weddings, and... Adulthood?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

For some reason, since I've been back, I've been forgetting/thinking there's nothing to write about now, as if my adventures were done or people weren't interested anymore. But, even being back in Ocala, living with the rents, and being in the awkward job searching phase, a lot's been going on. So here's an update for those still interested in my State-side life. 
(Jacksonville... Hopefully my soon to be home again!)
Old-fashioned 4th of July
 We got to celebrate the 4th of July in proper fashion at the O'Connell lake house with:
Neighbors we've spent the 4th with since I was born, doing parades around our neighborhood, great food, three babies, jet skiing, and an awesome firework show. 
Walnut Creek parade back in the day. I'm the fourth from the left!
Oh, the weddings
First, I watched the perfect Belle (her favorite over Cinderella) get married to her prince in the perfect Disney inspired wedding. My two favorite parts of the day: 1) as the Disney songs were coming on while the guests entered the church, Lindsay said, "If I was having a wedding, I'd want it to be just like this."  
2) Her comedic brother coming in while she was getting ready and "assisting with her makeup," for a great photo opp. 
Then, two weeks later, I got to see another great friend marry her man. It was a beautiful wedding with everyone so touched by the marriage of these two people. The reception was one of the most fun I've been to, with the most dancing I've seen, and everyone catching up with old friends.   

Both of these weddings were such celebrated events. You could just feel everyone's complete excitement for these couples. I'm so grateful to have been a part of these friends' big days! 
I officially got the title of a car in my name. Sounds exciting besides this whole thing called insurance. But it's still kinda cool, making my way into adulthood I suppose. Now just to find a big girl job. 
Did I mention I had a job at a coffee shop for a day, quit the next day, then walked the streets of St. Augustine like a homeless person? Yeah, boss lady wasn't gonna work... No more bad work environments, please. At least I learned how to make a baked brie with fancy pastry roses on top. 
 I did have a pretty promising job search in Jacksonville this week. Send your prayers, wishes, crossed fingers, and good karma my way so I can get the job to hang with adorable grandmas and grandpas all day. 
For now, I'm nannying for my three favorite kids in Ocala hoping to get something in Jacksonville ASAP! 

It's of course been great seeing everyone, having coffee dates with Ocala friends, beach trips with Hulia, and Leslie style movie nights. 



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