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My Letters

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dear Mom, thank you for pushing me to do something today when I was stuck in a bummy mood... That hike was a hot one, but I'm glad we did it! 
Dear discontent, I'm working on getting rid of you. This transitional phase and job search will be over soon enough. For now, I just need to be present and enjoy the time I have with my parents. I probably won't have all this free time again either!
Dear Sune, although I've been super happy and excited for you with this tour, I gotta say I can't wait to talk to my man again. I'm sure Ireland will be sad to see you guys go!
Dear Pops, I hope you know how loved and admired you are. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a great year ahead!
The lovely poem Dad will be so blessed to wake up to:
Good morning to the birthday boy 
I planned to bake cookies, but here's a decoy...
I forgot chocolate chips, so here's Chips Ahoy.
You can enjoy your real milk, forget the soy. 
You're the best dad around... the real McCoy. 
I'm so glad pharmacists don't have to deploy!
Hopefully soon, I'll be employed,
So your empty nest dreams won't be destroyed. 
Switching to a new rhyme before this annoys
But I hope this day brings you many joys.
Now it's time for some sentimental words
Though a beautiful poem is what you deserve.
I'll do my best to express my love,
My gratitude, respect, and admiration of
You're still my favorite guy on the guitar
Others may come close, but no cigar
I'm such a proud daughter of all that you are
Jeg er så glad for at kalde dig min far. (I am so glad to call you my dad.)
Happy birthday to one gentle man
Who loves and serves to follow God's plan.
May this year be filled with many blessings,
With adventure, contentment, and not much stressing. 
For now, I hope you have a great day of birth
And enjoyed this poem for all it's worth.
Love you, Dad!

Oh, hey, here's that tattoo I never introduced to the blogging world!
A reminder I'm needing a lot lately...



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