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(Mostly) Merry Month of May

Monday, June 3, 2013

     My inspiration for the title and the perfect introduction for this post...

  I had another long(ish) weekend last weekend (as in I had dinner off because the kiddos were going for haircuts and McDonald's) so I headed to Sune's where we had a nice, lazy night with TV shows and movies. 
  So to Amager beach, my man and I went since we had a car for once! We explored the beach, the sporting events going on, didn't get the ice cream we wanted, and chilled in the not so comfy sand for a bit before the looming rain sent us home for sushi along the way. 
  Sune had a wedding gig that night, sooo that meant a night with the M's! Have any posts I've written ever gone from that last statement to anything but having an awesome night? I don't think so... We started at the fountain with some wine, harmonica playing, and battling the cork in Megan's wine with a pen, keys, and fingers. But Megan prevailed and got into it... Close call. We then went to Minibar for some dancing. It was quite fun, met some really nice randoms, danced our little bums off, had an emotional moment with Maria, and regretfully(always) ate McDonald's with Molly. 
  The next day was a nice, refreshing day consisting of a pretty stroll with Sune through the botanical garden before meeting Jen at ├śrstedsparken, where they were having the "hygge Sunday" to end Distortion, the music festival which the Amy's and I went to the week before! This hygge Sunday wasn't too different from the usual park days in Copenhagen, but it was still nice, of course.
  When our tummies beckoned, we headed home to make a super delicious dinner with an omelet, salmon sandwiches with some bomb diggity sauce that Sune concocted (sour cream, honey, cayenne pepper, mustard... Who knows what else) and enjoyed it on the roof. :)
  So that I'm not leaving out all the not-so-sun-shiny, happy times, and this blog doesn't totally have you reading through rose colored glasses, I'll include some of the downers lately. I've been pretty emotional about this whole moving bit. Tears are nearly bound to come whenever I think or talk about it. I'm, of course, so excited to see everyone and all the things that await at home, but it's been hard. I'm leaving so many amazing friends, this exciting, beautiful city, the life I've been making the last year and my amazing guy. All of that, plus the big changes coming, the fear of the unknown, starting a whole new life, and figuring out where and what to do is quite stressful. But I know things will work out, of course, and this is an exciting adventure too. 
 In excellent news, Sune and I are going to Italy!! I, oh, so luckily, bit the bullet and requested my last Thursday off to be able to go on this trip with him and my wish was granted! So come Thursday morning, we'll be flying to Milan, camping and hiking our way through some Italian mountains, drinking some Italian wine, and eating some legit pizza (with low expectations of the latter from what I've heard). Seems like a dream. Three more days!
I don't have any new pictures from these days so here's some from messing around with my new app! (Beautiful mess)




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