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Vi ses, Denmark

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

   I can't believe my time in Denmark is actually up. It's definitely been a bitter sweet move. I've really grown to love this city and even more so the people in it. These are the memories that made this time unforgettable...

These amazing girls...
A whirl wind of good times with Mischa
A quick but great friendship with Rachel
Several Dyrhavn trips with Rachel, Maria, Jen, and Anne-Lise
This bundle of cuteness 
And these good times with the kiddos
The homey feeling of Charlie Scott's with Marc, Kasper, Eugene and the gang
Thanksgiving with this crew
So many fun times with Megan and Molly at the movies, the fountain, and Francis
Mom's Christmas visit
The Amys' visit to Denmark 
Traveling to some awesome places 
This guy... Ooh, this guy...
Going into this, I had no idea was what was to come. I guess you never do though, huh? Even with the job turning out different than expected, I wouldn't even think of taking this experience back. All the incredible friends I met, the traveling opportunities, experiences with friends and family coming to visit, and that hott musician, made up for the downfalls of the job like tenfold.   
It's a huge understatement to say that I'll miss everyone. I love all of you, am beyond grateful to have met such great people, and would be so happy to see your faces again somewhere in this big ol' world. 

Now to enjoy the "sweet" part of the move with family, friends, and weddings! 



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