Today's Gratitude to the Max [Wedding Edition}

Sunday, May 28, 2017

For the last several months, Dylan and I have been utterly overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude, love, excitement, and stress... stress that we cannot even begin to express how thankful we are for everyone in our lives both present for our wedding and absent due to babies, weddings, and other wonderful reasons.
We are so beyond grateful for...
Amy for planning one heck of a bachelorette party and all my girls for coming to celebrate with me. You guys are all the best group of girls I could ever hope for. I am SO lucky. You've all been there through my best and worst and love me so fully.

Trudy and Amy for hosting the loveliest bridal shower filled with the most beautiful wildflowers, bike decor, and friends and family surrounding. And all the lovely ladies that showered me with so many sweet, personal gifts. I love you all!

ALL of our friends and family that came to celebrate with is. We've been wishing we could do it all over again so we could talk with each of you so much more! A special award for Edmond and Rachel for traveling from Australia and hanging with us all week! You all mean so much to us. Turning around after saying "I do," and seeing all your happy faces just lit up my heart. Holding back from hugging each and every one of you so we could take this picture was a struggle!
Look at that killer crew. 

All of our wonderful wedding vendors: Love Bridal Boutique for picking out a dress I wouldn't have given a chance but absolutely adored and want to wear every year.

Ashley Rodriguez for making my simple wildflower wedding dreams a reality.


Stephanie Gamble for the beautiful pictures. You captured so many amazing shots and candids. I can't stop looking at the pictures.

Tyler Sowers for being the most positive and easy going videographer we could've hoped for. The video is better than I could've imagined.

Meredith and Dixie with The Delightful Details for putting all of my scattered ideas into one beautiful wedding. I wasn't the least bit stressed about anything in the process or the day of. You guys are more of a blessing than you know!

Linda Grenville and the Punch Buggies for gracing us with the perfect tunes for our day. You exceeded our expectations with every song we requested, especially "Me and You and Sisi Laroo." :)

Uncle Kenneth for gracing us with your wonderful piano playing at the ceremony. It meant so much to have your talent to walk down the aisle to!

Cam for being our fantastic officiant. It was extra special having such a loving family member get us hitched.

All our wonderful readers, Lindsay, Aunt Karen, Amy and Jared.

Meryl, Chad, Amanda, Stephen, and The Ross crew for your sweet videos since you couldn't be physically here. What a sweet start to the celebration.

Benton for introducing me to this crazy kid. Never would've thought that silly message would lead to a marriage. We are grateful for your friendship more than you know!

Dylan's parents for getting everyone together for a fantastic rehearsal dinner. A special thanks for raising the man I always dreamed of.

And my parents for their endless love and support my entire dang life and making this day happen. You guys truly don't know how grateful I am for all you are and all you do.

We. Are. BLESSED. Holy moly. 
But really, can we do it all over again? We'll make it an all day affair, have bigger cups for your bevs, make sure you know you can dive into that keg, and party all day!



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