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Charleston Times

Thursday, December 25, 2014

On our quick trip to charleston we...

Reunited with the incredible John White at Big John's Tavern. Was great seeing him and some of the other cool characters I'd met during my last and first Charleston trip.  

Started our first day with morning coffee swingin on the porch. 

Probably said, "Ooh, look at that house!," "It's so pretty!" and "I love Charleston!" about a million times while strolling through the streets on our rainy Saturday morning. 
Admired the dreamy flowery windows. 
Laughed lots at Dylan forgetting how to eat fried chicken. And thoroughly enjoyed our whole southern goodness meal at Jestine's
Dreamed of being a student or professor at this  campus. 
Enjoyed some of the most delicious pizza and local brew at De'Allesandros and uniquely delicious sammis at Brown Dog Deli

Toured the antique-filled, impressive Calhoun Mansion. Which we also learned was in the Notebook. Allie CALHOUN! Connections!
Caffeinated and collaborated at Normandy Farm and Kudus cafe. 

And rested our walking feet in the Notso Hostel's Hemingway Room
Saw some dancing folk and ate some oysters at the Sunday Brunch Famers Market. 
And learned a little about how tea is made at the only tea farm in America, the Charleston Tea Plantation.  

Wish we had longer to enjoy this city but it was quite a lovely trip to say the least. 
Another time, Charleston. 



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