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High five for Friday

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope everyone enjoys their weekends and starts gettin those bellies ready for Thanksgiving! I know I'm more stoked than ever for this Thanksgiving. I get to meet my precious niece and see my brother and sis I haven't seen in over TWO YEARS. 
Talk about too long. These are some of the highlights from my week.  

1. A week full of amazing nanny times. Walks with this precious angel baby, sharing the love of flowers, the beach and music made for a lovely Sunday. Stopping to enjoy the musicians on the street was beyond worth it, watching her little legs bouncin and shoulders swaying (link to video of the cuteness).The lady even let her pluck her (probably) first violin. Another enjoyed night watching three great girls last night. From 2 years old to 15, these girls all have an amazing sense of humor, sweetness, and character. Their whole family makes me excited about family life.
2. Bringing these two beauts home. Meet Buttercup and Cornflake. I went in for a window screen and came home with these guys. "Priorities," as Les agreed. Also, loved my interactions and conversations with the lady at Home Depot. We shared a love for plants and referring to them as people. She said she may have loved her succulent more than the guy that gave it to her. Oh, Lynn from Home Depot. I'll visit you again.  
3. Snugs with these guys
...And many more lovely times with this handsome man. More adventures to be shared on here soon. Maybe. If I feel like sharing our sappy stories. ;)
4. The cool weather coming, leaving some of us unprepared, but making coffee and cozy beds even more appreciated.
5. My giving, wonderful, helpful friend Leslie lettin me move on into her casa. And our brief, but much needed catching up yesterday after a month PLUS away. Too. Long. 

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