Road Trip Part 3: Wenatchee to Florida

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nearing the end of the trip, our stay in Wenatchee was nice and Leavenworth was a really cool town. It looked like we decided to stop in Germany along the way! Stephanie got to discover her talent in cowbells in a little performance here. We just walked around, went to the shops, tried German chocolates, pretzels, and did a wine tasting.

The next day, we were off to meet the rest of her family in Tacoma, Washington. I finally got to meet her parents who are really awesome. We went to Taste of Tacoma, another festival with arts, crafts, (lots of fried) food, and music. It wasn't as big as the strawberry festival but it was still a lot of fun.

For dinner, we had a cookout at Emily, Paul's fiancé's house, and went on a bike ride to their lake. The next day, I went on another bike ride around while they got their nails and hair done. That afternoon, Stephanie and I ran around Point Defiance park while Paul and Emily got engagement pictures done. Talk about a rough run! Super hills and getting lost... Oi vey. That night, we all went to a super nice restaurant, Stanley and Seaforts, and had excellent seafood meals.

On our last day, we wanted to go to the farmers' market in Tacoma then Seattle before my flight, but wound up walking entirely too much, only to have to go back to get the car and drive to find the market... Which we found with only about 6 tents (they were just starting up at 2pm). So we went on to Seattle, ate at the Crab Pot, went to Pike's Place, saw the fish get thrown around, tried a new fruit (lychees), and went to REI, the biggest outdoor store, to find some Denmark-suitable clothes for me! Then the road trip had to come to an end and I'm back home, in bed, after traveling all night.

Of all the places we went, I'd say Boise was my favorite. Salt Lake gave us the craziest time, Chicago the biggest tease, Stillwater the best ice cream, Seattle the best seafood, Leavenworth the best wine, Madison with the Gorsky's the best bonfire time and farmers' market, and everywhere had their highlights, but Boise had the best food, atmosphere, laid back and active lifestyle, best downtown, shops, and just best feel of all the places. The people there hike, mountain bike, whitewater raft, float down rivers, go to cool bars with giant Jenga... they just do cool stuff in Boise! I think I could see myself living there.
We didn't get to camp or rough it as much as we were thinking, but in the extreme heat we were experiencing, I think we were okay with those changes. I had such a great time traveling all across the States, seeing new places, doing new things, meeting lots of awesome people, and making so many great memories. So glad I got to go on this trip.
Leavenworth, WA
Taste of Tacoma. GORGEOUS rose garden     
Pike's Place, Seattle!



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