Let the Adventures Begin

Sunday, June 17, 2012

         So, with all the recent adventures that have been added to my plate, I've been told by many I need to start a blog. 1) So I can keep a journal of all of my experiences, 2) so that I can share with friends and family the experiences I have in an easy way, and 3) so those that are interested can come on this journey WITH me.
         As most of you know, my biggest adventure which is quickly approaching, is a move across the seas to Denmark! I'm going to be an Au Pair there for a wonderful family with three beautiful children, Eva Kirstine (6yrs), Christopher (4yrs), and Clara Louise (2yrs). For those of you who don't know, an Au Pair is basically a live in nanny where I'll be caring for their children while they work, cleaning up the house, cooking occasionally, all while experiencing life in a foreign country! Sounds like a perfect set up to me! Most people will ask me why Denmark, when I tell them my plans... To this question, it was honestly really random. I had none next to nothing about Denmark up til a couple months ago, but went ahead and checked it off on a list of countries on greataupair.com. Spain, Sweden, and France were my top picks but I wasn't sold with any of the families I was hearing from. 
         But one day, I got an email from a family in Denmark that sounded like a good match... I then researched Denmark and practically fell in love. After talking with Lotte, the mother, on the phone, I felt at peace and practically ready to make the decision right then but told her I'd let her know in a couple of days. I figured since it was such a big decision I might as well give it at least a couple days. After we got off the phone, she called Mom as well (Moms always want to be sure, like they would during a sleepover years ago ;) ). When Mom called me back not only feeling more comfortable about it but also excited, I decided I would go ahead and say yes! 
         I'll be doing this for at least a year, but can stay up to 2 if I want. Then after that, who knows what I'll do! I keep telling everyone that I don't think I'll be moving back to the states, though... I'd imagine I'll either find a job in Denmark after, or discover somewhere else I want to move while I'm travel around there. So, I'll be graduating from UNF on August 3rd, and move August 8th! 
         My next adventure which I realized deserved to be included in this blog, is a roadtrip I'm going on with a good friend from King, Stephanie Wettin. Months ago, she had mentioned this amazing opportunity for me to come along with her on this trek across the states for her to go to her brother's wedding in Seattle. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it work considering college student budgets and all, but we were able to figure it out! So on Monday, the adventures will begin on a Greyhound bus from Jacksonville to Bristol, TN, where Stephanie and I will make our plans to head west. Tentatively, we'll be going to Knoxville, Nashville, possibly Kentucky to see another friend from King, Keegan McGraw, then up through Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, and ending in Seattle, Washington. We'll be driving the whole way, staying with friends, family, and camping. I'm so excited about this opportunity to travel across the states with a good friend before moving away. 
         My experiences in Jacksonville alone are probably worthy of  a blog, with running into friends from King, private beach shenanigans, park adventures, losing cars, phones, cards, myself (at least other people losing me), English boys, Scottish boys, surfer boys... but those are all saved for a separate journal. So now, a road trip across the states? Moving to Denmark? Let the adventures begin! (Or continue. :)

        Hope you enjoy the read! :) 





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