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South Dakota Spring Break 2015?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Welp, I went to South Dakota for spring break maybe two years ago. Here's the blog I wrote and never shared.

I finally made it up to visit the bother and family in South Dakota. Sometimes I feel like my brain and heart literally can't stand the sweetness of some moments. My March was filled with many of these moments.

Like a music-loving Adaleigh jumping on granddaddy's feet to dance while he and Chris played some of my favorite tunes.
Strumming some of those tunes and new favorites with pops. Songs dad introduces are always well-loved. I imagine it's part his good taste and part the sentiment. 

Going on an exclusive aunt-niece walk in the snow.

Getting even more mixed up about what month it is, with Christmas movies and music, fires, snowy views, and ballet dances in the living room to "I'm dreaming of a white Easter."  

Sledding in the backyard. Especially the fun-filled faces of "Big Daddy and Big Mama." 

Some other moments not quite to that sweetness level but still great were seeing Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse, tasting five unique wines at Prairie Berry, seeing the insanely impressive and surreal work of my brother, and all the fantastic meals we devoured. Liesl had me stepping up my cooking game when I returned home.

A spring break well spent to say the least. 



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